Friday, May 30, 2008

Moroccan Adventures

The past few weeks I have been traveling. Senegal-Spain-Morocco.It has been such a cool experience. My travels started off a bit rough. I traveled by land to Dakar-which I do not recommend. It took all day in 120 degree heat to get there taking a taxi,ferry,gele,donkey cart, motor bike, to bus.I explored downtown Dakar to the beaches of N'Gor island. When I arrived in
Spain it was great to see my friend Tiffani. To see a familiar face after 8 months of living in The Gambia was just what I needed.We explored Madrid that night but we were soon out the next day. We hoped on a train and traveled to the town of Algericas. It was a beautiful ride traveling through the mountains on a rainy day. When we got to Algericas we decided to get on a ferry that night to Tangier, Morocco. Out of Africa for less than a day and I had to get back. The ferry ride was long and when we arrived in the middle of the night we had no idea what time it was(Morocco is 2 hours behind Spain?). The next morning after almost no sleep we were up bright and early..still trying to figure out the time. We chatted some about where to go..but really had no idea. All we wanted to do was to go surfing and see mountains. After meeting a local guy at a restaurant (great food!! :)) he told us to go to Chefchawan, a small village in the Rif Mountains. A half hour later we were on a bus going through the mountains. It was absolutely beautiful. The small villlage of Chefchawan was very interesting, and blue. All the buildings were painted blue with small winding alleys where you could easily get lost...and we did! It was a great city and I would of loved to stay longer. Also had some of the best Moroccan food of my life there! The next day we rode a bus to Casablanca. We were both not big fans of the city. The constant rush of people and to be in a commercial city. Also to be a woman here is difficult.We were almost kicked out of a cafe because we wanted to sit outside...and only men are allowed to. That night we sat out at a cafe and had hot chocolate.Men stared at us thinking what are they doing?But it was good hot chocolate and a nice night outside. Gender roles seems to be a big issue in Morocco.The next day we left and went to a town called Essquaria.Here we stayed for a few days. We surfed for 3 days and rented bikes to get around the beach towns. The beaches were beautiful with camels and castles near the ocean. We met some local friends who taught us how to make tea from 10 different spices and gave us hookah. Great town and we both agreed that we could live there.The people were very friendly and we both did not want to leave. Then we were off to Marrakesh. Here we watched snake charmers and local musicians in the plaza. The local food stalls come out at night selling an array of food from chocolate cake,goat heads,ginseng tea,kebabs,salads,and soups. Great food and good music.
Below are some pictures of our Moroccan adventure. I am now back in The Gambia and I am excited for the rainy season.This means tree planting!Lots of it! A month ago I started a tree nursery in my backyard so I am looking to plant these trees through out my community.

I hope everyone at home is doing well. If you ever get the chance you should travel to Morocco. Great food,people,culture and you will have an experience of a lifetime.

Miss you all.

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